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Cross Device Conversion Paths

Landing Page Visit To Conversion Rate Data

If you have mapped both a landing page pixel and a pixel for a lower funnel action (like a purchase), this chart can show you the likelihood that a user took a lower funnel action after visiting the landing page. You can see how the likelihood of taking that lower funnel action differs depending on which device was on the user's path.

To view this, select the pixel(s) that represent your landing page event, and the pixel(s) that represent your lower funnel action, and then "generate chart."

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UTM Source Data

Count of Trade Desk Influenced conversions with each UTM source on the user's conversion path (at the time of converting or earlier). "0" indicates there were no UTM parameters.

Conversions By Frequency

Compare distribution of conversions to distribution of impressions (with a frequency distribution report) to understand how frequency impacts conversion rate.

Site Conversion Paths

Campaign Conversion Paths